Medu Bookstore



As of Thursday, December 31, 2020, Medu Bookstore will be temporarily CLOSED. We will be relocating to a newly renovated store next door to Diamond Ring & Company. Medu Bookstore will REOPEN by the end of January 2021. Please visit for updates. 

Medu, meaning “the power of the word,” is the second largest African-American owned bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia. Since December 5, 1989, it’s owner, Nia Damali has maintained a high level of customer service and satisfaction to not only the Greenbriar Mall shopping community, but to the Metropolitan Atlanta area at large.

Medu Bookstore has been operational in the Atlanta area for more than twenty years and specializes in culturally significant and often hard to find books written, published, and distributed for the enhanced awareness and enjoyment of its readership. In the history of its service to the community, spanning three decades, Medu has strived to stay in touch with the heartbeat of cultural awareness. It is strategically located in the heart of Southwest Atlanta.



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