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Altierus Career College & Career Education


Everest is now Altierus Career College and Career Education, a non-profit school system dedicated to helping students pursue in-demand careers and build long-lasting professional skills, through a supportive, welcoming community.

Please note that our New Jersey campus is still in the process of completing its transition from Everest to Altierus Career Education. For more information, you can directly call the campus at (908) 222-9300.

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Why You Should Choose Altierus Career College: 10 Reasons Why

We know you only want to learn what you need. And you want to learn it fast. We get that. Here are ten ways Everest prepares students for real world success:

Hands-on training

Get the skills you’ll need for your new career by training in real-world environments, using the same professional tools and techniques.

Small work groups

Get the one-on-one attention that can help you progress quickly and move forward with confidence.

Flexible class scheduling

Day and evening classes let you work full-time. Programs and schedules vary by campus.

Industry-experienced instructors

Learn from instructors with years of real-world experience who’ll share their practical knowledge, skills and insights to help you succeed.

Financial aid advisors

Work with advisors who can help you identify resources and put together a plan to help make school more affordable.*

Modern equipment

You’ll get trained on the kind of tools and equipment that professionals use.

Career services assistance

Put together job-winning resumes, get ready for interviews, and find full-time employment opportunities with help from a dedicated Career Services team.**

Timely Program Offerings

You’ll get trained in programs that are designed to prepare you for employment in in-demand careers.

Learning Centers

You can get extra help from instructors to help you keep up or to get on the fast-track.

Online Courses

For your convenience, we offer several courses online. Check individual campuses for details. Not all programs are available online.


*Financial aid is available for those who qualify.
**Some programs are longer than one year.

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